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Righton Slit Lamp

Righton Slit Lamp series with outstanding optics quality and finest digital image is best suit for diagnosis.

LED Slit Lamp MW50D

New MAGWIDE Slit Lamp
Towards a revolution in super-wide magnification fine optics
・Employs the optimum LED light source for slit lamps
・Wide magnification range enables both wide angle view and detailed observation
・All optics are multi-coated and provide 22% higher transmittance than existing models
・There are no cables between the chin rest and the light tower, and the wire to the light tower is exposed for easier maintenance.
Unique Mag Wide - ultra wide magnification range
A newly-developed microscope with drum-type 5-step and fine optics. A new optical system enables bright imaging even at 50x magnification. Drum type zooming makes it easier to adjust the magnification whtin the wider range of 5x to 50x. All optics for observation are multi-coated to enable clear and high-resolution images. Magnifications: 5x (Φ44.8), 10x (Φ22.3), 16x (Φ14.2), 25x (Φ9.0), 50x (Φ4.5)
Halogen color LED light source
An LED light source whose wavelength is much closer to a halogen lamp has been employed to give the slit lamp a bright, natural color. This eliminates the need for a filter to remove the common “bluish LED light” problem.
Background illumination
Background illumination is provided in the arm unit of the microscope. In addition to adjusting the brightness, the conveniently positioned illumination knob can turn the illumination on and off quickly and easily.
Detachable background illumination is available as an option.
Built-in barrier filter
Simple slide operation makes it easy to insert and extract barrier filters. High contrast fluorescence images can be captured when a blue (exciter) filter is used.
High operability
A new plate is employed for stress-free smooth focus adjustment.
15°tilting tube (option)
15°tilting angle allows observation with a natural posture for taller users. Also possible to reduce the angle for shoter users.
Righton Digital Photo System
Both still images and movies can be captured by dynamic range CMOS camera with a simple joystick operation. User-friendly, easy-to-view layout to suit wide monitors original imaging program MW File is atandard accessory for digital set.


Main body

Drum-type 5-step zoom (Angle of inclination: 13.2°)
Eyepiece magnification
Total magnification
Eyepiece diopter adjustment range
PD adjustment range
55 mm to 80 mm
Working distance
Reaching distance
Illumination system
Light source
5W white LED
Slit width
0 mm to 16 mm continuously variable
Slit rotation angle
90° to right and left
Slit length
Φ0.2, 1, 2, 5, 10, 14, 16 mm, 1 to 12 mm continuously variable
Slit vertical angle
0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° from lower angle
Slit tilting width
8 mm to right and left from target surface
Fully transparent, ND (12.5% reduction), green, blue
Arm unit
Rotation angle
90° to right and left
Cross slide table
Horizontal movement
100 x 110 mm (joystick operation)
Vertical movement
30 mm (joystick rotation)
Main body
13 kg (without digital unit)
13.8 kg (with digital unit)
350 (W) x 678.5 (H) x 387 (D) mm

Digital Photo

1/2.5" CMOS
2592 x 1944 ppi resolution, 5-megapixel
Video image output
HD 1296 x 972 pixels
Frame rate
30 fps
Power supply
Input: 5V, Power consumption: 3W
790 g
107(W) × 48.5(H) × 55(D) mm